Vsco Girls Are Back Again


NBC News

Popular fashion choices made by a so-called “VSCO girl”

VSCO girls started in mid to late 2019. The word VSCO (Visual Supply Company) originally comes from the app; VSCO is an app used to edit and capture photos with preset filters and editing tools. While VSCO popularity seemed to heighten during summer of 2019, it is still used regularly. Some girls seen on TikTok pursued a very unordinary style of seashells and scrunchies, which resulted in the “VSCO girl title”. Being VSCO is either trendy or cringe. VSCO is a youth subculture.
In today’s day and age, new trends come about rapidly; a choice of a water bottle is something that seems to change quicker than fashion. During the VSCO era, Hydro Flask water bottles came in all shapes and sizes with the white-colored Hydro Flask being the most popular. The Stanley tumbler is the latest trendy water bottle taking over TikTok.
“TikTokers have begun poking fun at Hydro Flasks — once an immensely popular Gen Z trend touted by VSCO girls — now that they’ve been dethroned by Stanley tumbler users,” Jordan Hart, a writer for Insider, said.
Seen to be wearing an oversized t-shirt is most comforting to this (VSCO) culture of people. Styling yourself VSCO was extremely simple with a loose ponytail and light makeup. Floating around on Instagram, the new and improved Hydro Flask, if you will, was introduced: Stanley Cups. Spread throughout TikTok recently, memes were made to show how VSCO girls are now back through these cups.
As trends continue, prices begin to rise as the products become more popular. Stanley Cups are starting around $40 by retail sale and are being resold on multiple different websites for much higher prices. On eBay, Stanley Cups are sold for as much as $150, personally customized with a bedazzled and more options to personalize the cup with whatever name desired.
Most recently, these cups have been paired with gold jewelry and Aquaphor, a chapstick and moisturizer replacement. During the VSCO timeline, jewelry made a contribution with seashells and scrunchies. As trends begin to change while generations move on, new styles can be overwhelming and too much for people who desire a simpler style. VSCO girls did what they needed to do and made a simpler style for anyone interested.